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As a Shaco one trick pony, I know better than most how useful it is to find an opponent on tilt. At the beginning of Season 7, I began my climb with a goal to hit gold for the first time by myself playing Solo Queue truly solo. I used every advantage I could, scouring all the usual websites for data on my opponents. In my search, I discovered the power of data. However, while many of the websites looked pretty and had intriguing stats, I found that none of them offered what I truly wanted. A simple and straightforward data driven competitive advantage.

With nothing available able to meet my needs, I went to work building the first iteration of Tiltseeker as a simple python script. It ran in the command line and while it certainly didn't look pretty, it made up for its appearance with usefulness. I climbed faster than I could have hoped easily peaking at Gold 3 with plenty of time to spare before the season ended. By continuing to utilize the computational power of Tiltseeker, I have further optimized my jungling playstyle and climbed to Platinum 5 less than half way through Season 8.

While Tiltseeker doesn't guarantee wins, it allows a user to optimize their gameplay by camping the lanes that will most benefit from a jungler's attention. As a result, a Tiltseeker user can expect their average winrate to increase and their MRR to climb.


For questions, comments, bugs, advertising partnerships, feature requests, or anything else, I can be reached at any of the services listed below.

Email: [email protected]
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